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Sold Knights

Peter Greenhill, Courtenay/Greenhill, 50mm pewter, August 2004, Position # H 8 Charles d' Espagne, Constable of France mounted.

Knight with beautifully executed quartered heraldry mounted on a charging horse. Charles of Spain was Constable of France from 1350 to 1353.

Great action pose. One of my favorites! (see Greenhill's Heraldic Sketchbook page 57 for details)


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, 52mm pewter, October 199, Louis Vicomte de Brosse.

French knight lying wounded (see arrow feathers in right side) at.

Mint condition, includes original Greenhill wood Box.


R912F Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, Position # Z 6, dated August 1999, 50mm Pewter, Sir John Wahtele

Miniature is in Excellent condition with original Greenhill box. Unusual Heraldry with green field!


R914F, Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, position 13 A Modified, dated 1999, 50mm pewter, Bonabos IV de Rouge, Sieur de Derval

Generally the # 13 is found lying on the ground without a base plate. This standing piece is unusual and painted in uncommon heraldry with a very fine portrait face. In Excellent condition complete with an original Greenhill box.



R915M Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, position # 13 H, dated 2005, 50mm pewter, Sieur d' Aunger

Very Colorful heraldry and action pose with fully barded horse. Excellent condition complete with original Greenhill box.


#R910M Peter Greenhill, Special / Knight of Agincourt Conversion, April 2000, 54mm, Philippe Count of Nevers.

Very rare conversion by Peter from a hollow cast Britain's Knight of Agincourt casting. Beautiful crisp painting , movable visor on helm. Great Heraldry rarely seen Greenhill conversion, in my opinion, much nicer than any similar Selwyn painted knight! Includes Original Greenhill Box.


Peter Greenhill, position G 7, William Shakespeare, 50mm pewter, Jan.,17, 2001

Very Rare G 7, of the Bard, William Shakespeare, reading a sonnet!

With original Greenhill box.


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, position # Z 11, dated 3 May 2003, 50mm Pewter, John Hastings, Earl of Pembroke

Beautifully painted quartered heraldry, mint in original Greenhill box.


R913F, Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, position # Z 5 Modified, dated July 1998, 50mm Pewter, Ayquehem-Guilhem, Bastard of L'Esparre.

Beautifully executed portrait face on a great action pose! Rare modified Z-5 with great action, fighting with England. In original Greenhill Box.


Peter Greenhill; Courtenay/Greenhill, 50mm pewter, Position Z6, Jehen , Sieur de Landas, dated Sept 1998


Beautiful miniature is Z6 casting. The subject , was a member of the Royal bodyguard of the Duke of Normandy. (see Peter Greenhill's Heraldic Sketchbook Page 66 for more information)


Mint in original Greenhill Box.



Peter Greenhill: Miniature double, Limited Edition.

Arnoul-Raymond Vicomte d' Anoita, captures Jean de Noyers, Comte Joigny,

Poitiers 1356

Comes with original box and Sales Sheet. Excellent Condition


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay/Greenhill, position H 8 , mounted, Alain de Rohan, Sieur de Montquban, 1998.

The Knight is a rare mounted position falling after being wounded. Mint in original Greenhill Box.


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay/Greenhill, position # 5, 50mm, pewter, February 2002, Jean d'Auvergne, Comte de Boulogne

Very Unusual heraldry beautifully painted. One of the most colorful # 5 position that I have seen. With original box.


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay/Greenhill, position # Z2, 52mm pewter, dated Dec 1989; Mahieu Le Borgne de Rouveroy.

Captain of the Kings Guard, killed at Poitiers, 1356.

Mint condition in original Greenhill wood box. (see the Courtenay version of this knight in position #Z1 on the Sales Gallery)


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay/Greenhill, 50mm Pewter, Position A 11, Dated August 2003, L'Eveque de Laon Bishop of Laon, A 11

From the Greenhill Anniversary Edition.

Mint condition in original box.


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, 50mm Pewter, Position A 10, Dated August 2003, Gui Sieur de Lasteryie.

A10 kneeling Anniversary edition, (all information on original tag attached to miniature.)

Mint condition with original box.


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, Positions , 52 mm Pewter, July 2004, Roger, Lord de la Warre & John Treffry.

This double is part of the Capture the King Limited edition set (marked CK/4) released by the Greenhill's in 2004. It depicts the English Knights Lord de la Warre & John Treffry attempting to capture King Jean of France. The 2nd double includes King Jean battling the English knight Sir John Pelham who was wounded in the arm. ( See Peter Greenhill's Heraldic Sketchbook, pages 186 & 196 for additional photos and information)


Greenhill 2

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Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, position#8A, 50mm,Sept 1983, Bishop of Beauvais

Great portrait head on miniature, fighting with mace, crisp painted quartered heraldry.A beautiful miniature in

Mint condition with original box. See Peter Greenhills book (HMK) page 32 & 33 for additional information on the Courtenay #8 miniatures.

Also see the bookA Collection of Courtenay" by John Gillatt, page 90-91 for additional photos of the #8 miniature by Courtenay.


Greenhill, Position #G 5, 50mm Pewter, dated May 1985, Sir Neil Campbell, Lord of Lochay, with sword.

Famous Scotts knight at the battle of Poitiers. Excellent condition of a very early G-5 by Peter Greenhill. Has a great portrait face and excellent painting! See Peter Greenhill's book "Heraldic Miniature Knights", page 98-100 for more info on the G Series range of miniatures!

The G- series are getting hard to find especially mint pieces!