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English Archer

Mounted Mongol charging with lance

English Man-at-Arms with pole

The following three miniatures were recently acquired at auction and are in Very Good to Excellent condition, and probably date from the 1950's!

Newly acquired miniatures for the Peter & Gilly Greenhill Collection

Knight in Stanley coat-of-arms (provenance Peter Greenhill) Note date 1949

Sir Maurice Bruyne (see page 68 Creating Miniature Knights) provenance Peter Greenhill

Medieval Crossbowman ( see page68 Creating Miniature Knights) provenance Peter Greenhill

Medieval Man-at-Arms with Glaive provenance Peter Greenhill

Renaud III of Guilderland

Jean de Montague Lord of Landas

English Archer

(Acquired from Peter Greenhill)

The Holy Roman Emperor

(Note the great helm with wings cut from brass)

Lord D' Costa (Moveable Visor)

The Three Mounted Knights with Crested Helms Removed

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