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Starlux Castle, 54mm, circa 1970's:

Constructed of rough - textured and painted fiberboard, with plastic tower caps and wall crenulations. The Castle is mounted on a grass covered base board and features opening doors and drawbridge. It measures 19.25" wide by 18.25" deep and the keep is 12" tall.

Built in France, the castle offers lots of room on its ramparts and courtyard for your Norman & French knights!

In excellent condition from my collection.

$450.00  Price includes insured shipping in the USA.


King & Country Roman Fort, Circa 1990's

This is one of the nicest Fort/Castles produced for the toy soldier market.


The 4 sections make a 20 " square castle. However the 4 sections can be arranged as a line ( each section being approximately 18" long and 4'' deep & 8 " high ) to use as a background display in a bookcase or on a shelf. As the photos show it is painted in three tone gray, and has plenty of room for Knights on the ramparts!  (the 60mm Jacques Cuypers , Tiffany Knight , shown for Scale!)

Very Rare less than 50 made by King & Country( according to K&G founder )

In perfect Condition from my Collection.  Paper-Mache and wood construction

$1000.00 includes insured shipping in the US.

Elastolin / Hausser #9747 Berg Hoff Castle, 70mm Plastic, circa 1980's:

This is the 2nd largest plastic castle produced by Elastolin and look great with their 70mm knights, or any 50 to 70mm miniatures.

This is in excellent condition, and sits on a vacuum form plastic base measuring 21"wide by 20" deep. The walls are 7.5 " high and the Keep measures 17" tall.  It is dark brown & gray with a green grass colored base. The keep, Gate house and 2 walls can be removed from the vacuum form base and can stand alone. (70mm Elastolin knight to show Scale)

$700.00   Price includes insured shipping in the USA.

Sorry !!   This item has been sold.

Sorry !!   This item has been sold.

Starlux Castle #2, Circa 1970's, 54mm made in France.

A Triangular shaped castle constructed of rough-textured fiberboard.

The Castle boasts 3 Turrets with plastic caps & flags. The base which is painted to represent a moat & ground is 24" wide and 14" deep. The tallest of the Turrets is 15"tall. The castle features an opening drawbridge with an angled ramp.

The Castle is in Excellent condition, and has room for many knights on its ramparts and the courtyard.

$450.00    Price includes insured shipping in the USA.


Volk Design, Large Medieval Siege Tower, purchased at the Chicago Toy soldier Show, 2011, 54 to 60mm.

This Large Siege tower is crafted in real wood like oak & poplar (no balsa or bass wood) and twine. It includes 2 ladders, 2 removable flags and has a movable drawbridge and working wheels.

Dimensions, 16" high, 6.25 wide, 10"deep (with drawbridge open).

This is a hand built masterpiece that will hold lots of knights & men-at-arms on the final assault!

Please Note: The Hornung Knights & Archers are for scale only and not included with the castle.

$250.00    Price includes insured shipping in the USA.


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Fusilier Miniatures, 2006, Trebuchet (Metal ) 54mm, with three man crew.


Purchased at the London Christmas Toy soldier show.  

Nicely done all metal Trebuchet in firing position with 3 man crew in action loading the weapon. Never seen one in the US.

$175.00  Price includes insured shipping in the USA.


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