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Courtenay 4

Position # 13 a, Pierre de Terrail, Sieur de Bayard

Position # 14: Sieur Guiscard d' Angle

Position # 14: John Killigrew

Position # 14: Piers Sieur de Crqmaud

Position # 15: Lord Edward Despenser

Position # 15; Sir Thomas Kingston

(Courtenay casting, repainted and modified)

Position # 17 Sir William Douglas

Position # 17 Edward, the Black Prince

Position # 17, Sir Robert de Nevill

Position # 17, Lord of St. Dizier

Position # 17, The Black Prince

Position # 13, Louis, Sieur de Brosse

Position # 14: (written S2) Sir Edwin Benet

Position #15: Lord de la Warr

Position # 15; Sir Robert Holand

Position # 16 Sir William Gramary

Position # 17 Thomas Lord Bradeston

(note movable arm with sword)

Position # 17, Unidentified Heraldry

Position #13, Man-at-Arms in Warwick Livery

Position # 17, Thomas Lord Roos

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