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Castles Unlimited

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Have you ever wished you could find a castle in true 54 mm scale, that was a true representation of a Medieval fortress?

A Castle built to the high level of craftsmanship necessary to enhance the beauty and accuracy of your

Heraldic Knights and which would be a home to your Courtenay, Greenhill, Rodden or Plantagenet collection.  In other words, a Museum grade hand built castle which would provided the centerpiece to your collection!

Introducing Castles Unlimited!  Castles Unlimited is a collection of 54 mm modular components allowing the collector to assemble an authentic background display for your shelf, bookcase, or any space allowing expansion to a custom made full sized castle.

I finally discovered a craftsman who builds beautiful authentic Medieval Castles and Accessories in true

54 mm scale which will complement your finest heraldic knights!  His name is Greg Tzannos.

Castles Unlimited was founded in 2000 after I returned from an extensive trip to France and Germany.  While in my travels I saw some of the most beautiful castles in Europe.  I also made it a point to visit every department store and toy shop I could and found some of the most exquisite miniature knights that I had ever seen.  However, there were few castles, forts or siege machines to complement them.  The ones that were available were made of thin plastic, cardboard, or building blocks designed for children.

It seemed to me that serious military collectors would enjoy a highly detailed, rugged castle to either

display their collection or to wargame with.   With this thought in mind, I decided I would build 1/32 scale castles and accessories to be compatible with 54 and 60 mm miniatures.

If you would like that special Castle centerpiece for your collection, please contact Mr. Bennett with the specifics of your centerpiece.  I look forward to building your special Castle centerpiece.  

Best Regards,

Greg Tzannos

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Greg Tzannos

Castles Unlimited

Tanker Castle - Normandy

Custom Castle 40 ‘ x 43 “

Normandy Castle - Interior Details