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Courtenay/Greenhill, Albrecht , position # H 4, 52mm pewter, dated October 2001, Graf Von Salzburg mounted falling.

Great Quartered Heraldry on an action packed miniature.

Mint with original Greenhill box!


Courtenay/Greenhill, 52mm pewter, Man-at-arms with bill in Mortimer Livery.

Crisp painting and casting, relatively scarce position, including original Greenhill Box.


Courtenay/ Greenhill, Position Z-6, Jean King of France, 50mm pewter, dated June 1999.

Very nice King of France with crown lying on the ground. Great portrait face, with original box.


Courtenay/Greenhill, 52mm pewter, 15th Century English archer, with bandaged head.

Very nice face and painting, with original Greenhill box.


Courtenay/Greenhill , 52mm pewter, dated Dec 1999, Guiscard Sieur de Bequjeu.

Great animation and a beautiful portrait face.

Mint condition with original box.


Courtenay/ Greenhill, Position # Z 8, 50mm pewter, Don Ferrdn Martinez.

Very nice Z series miniature with Spanish quartered heraldry including original Greenhill Box.


Courtenay/Greenhill, , position # H 12 B, 52mm pewter, dated August 1999, Ogier Vicomte d'Anglure, mounted falling.

Great unusual Heraldry on an action packed miniature. This is a beauty, look at the beautifully crafted helm with a super crest & movable visor! Works well with the position# H 12 A, a a joust scene, see page 39 in Peter's book Creating Miniature Knights for a picture of these knights with different heraldry!

Mint with original box!


Courtenay/Greenhill, 50mm pewter, dated june 1988, Sieur Gui De Chatillon, falling wounded (Special Anniversary Position A-4)

Provenance the Henry Kurtz Collection see photo of this actual miniature on page 108 of Peter's book "Heraldic Miniature Knights".   Excellent unusual pose from the Anniversary Edition of Courtenay Knights celebrating 60 years of Courtenay Production. Peter produced 6 new figures all converted Courtenay figures. The A-4 is comprised of a top of a Z2 with a Z1 head on the bottom of a falling # 4. A rear piece of Courtenay/Greenhill history in mint condition with original Greenhill box. See page 108 in Peter's HMK book for more information!



Courtenay/Greenhill, Position , Jean de St. Didier, 50mm pewter, Dated Feb. 2001.

Nice dying position with crisp heraldic painting. Comes in original heart shaped box.


Courtenay/Greenhill, Position A-10, Sir John Waleus, 50mm pewter, dated April 2003.


Rare Anniversary edition complete with unusual heart shaped wood box.


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Courtenay/ Greenhill, Position Z-15, Sir John Havering, 50mm pewter, dated August 1997.

Very nice Z-15 of the English Knight that fought at Poitiers in France. Excellent condition in original GreenHill box.

Great painted Heraldry by Peter!


Courtenay/Greenhill, Position #22, 50mm Pewter, dated Sept 1983, Sequin de Gontcult ,Sieur de Badefol de Gascogne with Battle ax & shield.

Very unusual heraldry on this Lord of Gascone! Also the position# 22 is a seldom seen courtenay casting and hard to find. As Usual, excellent painting by Peter! In Mint condition with one off heraldry!


Courtenay/Greenhill, Position # 14, 50mm Pewter, dated 1979, Sir Edmund Wauncy, with sword, shield & movable visor.

Very early Greenhill painting from Peter's shop in Wimbledon! Excellent Eagle in a rare purple color, in mint condition!


Courtenay/Greenhill, position # H 12A, 52mm pewter, dated June 1999, Edward the Black Prince, mounted, jousting with his Peace Heraldry.

Great Quartered Heraldry on an action packed miniature. Featuring the Black Prince with the unusual combination of thee Royal coat of Arms along with his 3 Feathers "peace" Arms!  A Spectacular heraldic miniature and very rare. See page 38 in Peter's Creating Miniature Knights, for a different version of this H 12A.

Mint with original Greenhill box!


Courtenay/ Greenhill, Position 2-A,  50mm pewter, dated March, 1983, Alain, Sieur de Montendre, with ax.

Very nice #2-A of the French Knight that fought at Poitiers in France. Excellent condition with great heraldry and action pose.

Great painted Heraldry by Peter!


Courtenay/Greenhill, Position #6, 50mm Pewter, dated Sept 1983, Graf Von Meissqu, with mace & shield.

Very unusual heraldry with Unicorns & checky painting by Peter! Excellent condition with one off

German heraldry!


Courtenay/Greenhill, Position #7, 50mm Pewter, dated Sept 1983, Arnoul de Audrehem , with sword & shield.

Very nice heraldry with for this knight that fought at Poitiers! Beautiful painting by Peter! Early miniature in Excellent condition!


Courtenay/Greenhill, Position #20, 50mm Pewter, dated August 1985,   Sir Steven Cossington with Battle ax

Very nice crisp heraldry of the famous English knight! Also the position# 20 is a seldom seen Courtenay casting and usually hard to find just like the late number Z series. As Usual, excellent painting by Peter! In Mint condition with nice heraldry!