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#14, Pier de Vosorie

# 9 Bartholomew, Lord Burgheshe

# 15 Sir Richard Pembridge

#7 John Delves of Doddington

Esquire to Sir James Audley

#1, Sir Hywel Y Fwyall

(Howell the Axe)

#4, Robert de Wavarin

#6 Henry, Comte de Salm

#8, Jean Rabache de Hangest

#10, Baudouin De Lens, Sieur D' Annequin, with broken lance,

#13, Sir Richard Talbot

# 16 Jean de Crequy

# 17 Sir Guy de Bryan

#20, Arnaut, Marshall D' Audrerem


#21, Reginald, Lord Cobham

# 18 Louis, Sieur De Brosse

# 22 Jean de Saintre

# 23, Sir Robert Bourchier

# 27, Miles de Noyers, bearing the Oriflamme at Crecy

# 30B, Denis de St. Omer

#25, Sir Richard Fitzsimmon, with the Wessex banner (The Wyvern Standard)

# 30A, King Jean II Surrendering

# 30 A & B, King Jean II Surrendering to Denis de St. Omer at Poitiers.

Peter Cowan is the author of two books on miniature knights: Toy Knights- The other Hundred Years War, and Selwyn Miniatures, The Heraldic Knights of Roy Selwyn Smith.

A fellow member of the Roundtable, Peter is currently producing individually made knights from original Britain’s Knights of Agincourt castings from the 1960's.  These are converted and remodeled before being painted in true Heraldry from the Hundred War period!

(Also see his Wyvern Standard knights in the Gallery)

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