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Heraldic Knights

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Jacques Cuypers Tiffany Petite, 54mm pewter, a set of 4 Knights & men-at-arms

Relatively rare from Jacques Petite range, excellent condition. These miniatures were recently acquired from Jacques! They were part of his daughter Tiffany's collection! Unusual opportunity to acquire the very rare Tiffany Petite miniatures! See page 30- 31 in my "Heraldic Knights and Miniatures of Jacques Cuypers" for more information and photos!

* Jan van den Palase (Sable w/ gold chevron)

* Sir John Chandos ( White field  w/ Red )

* French man-at-arms (white field with brass rings)

* Jean King of France (Blue field w/ Gold fer-de-lis)

$300.00 for the set of 4 knights, includes Priority ,Insured shipping in the USA!



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Jacques Cuypers Tiffany Retro-Tech, 54 mm pewter, 8 piece set with 5 Space Cadets in different poses and 3 aliens.

Relatively rare from Jacques Retro-Tech range, excellent condition. Newly acquired from a customer in England, where the Retro-Tech Space set were very popular! Set includes 5 Space Explores with weapons & 3 different Aliens. Comes complete with a wooden carrying case with a Retro-tech illustration on the cover!

See page 74-75 in my "Heraldic Knights and Miniatures of Jacques Cuypers" for photos and information on the Retro-Tech line.

$400.00 includes insured Priority Shipping in the USA.



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