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Heraldic Knights

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Brian Rodden, 90 mm Chilmark Sculpture, Pewter, Edward the Black Prince, mounted, Signed 1980 on a walnut base.

A Spectacular 90 mm Sculpture by the master, Brian Rodden! A stunning centerpiece for your collection!

The 90 mm Knights are hard to find, out of production since the late 1980's. See chapter four page 31 of my book on the"Heraldic Knights and Miniatures of Brian Rodden" for additional photos of the other figures of the series.

This is a rare opportunity to add one of the Pewter Chilmark limited edition Heraldic Knights to your collection (see Peter Greenhill's book “Heraldic Miniature Knights” , page 152 for additional info on these pieces)

$350.00 including insured Priority shipping in the USA



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