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Sold Knights

Unknown Maker, in the style of Courtenay. 50mm white metal, English Archer in the livery of the Black Prince.

Possible Courtenay casting on a new base. excellent paint in very fine condition (see this figure side by side with a Courtenay/Greenhill archer for comparison.


First Legion, (prototype by Metal Craft) 60mm, Sir John Codrington, with the banner of King Henry V, King of England.

Brand new in original box, part of the Agincourt range by First Legion. These miniatures are sculpted in Russia & painted in China to a very high standard. Featuring nice poses and accurate heraldry, they compare well to the St. Petersburg range at about half the price. Note this is a prototype by Metal-Corp,the original First Legion maker!


John Nibblett, 60mm, plastic , Armor of King Henry VIII, for combat on foot ,dated 1540.

This very rare piece is only the second example of this miniature that I have ever come across. The Knight is made of "Plastic", but it has the appearance of metal, which is only given away by its light weight. It was made to be sold as a souvenir at the Tower of London. Never saw this figure on my many trips to the Tower.  Probably sold in the 70's.

Perfect condition!


King & Country, 60mm, pewter, Crusades Ladder Set

3 knights climbing a scaling ladder.

One of the best and most unusual sets produced by K&C and hard to find! The 4 piece set is in mint condition with it's original K&G box.


John King of Bohemia

John the Blind King of Bohemia died at the Battle of Crecy.

Z-17,1989, 50mm Pewter,Quartered Heraldry  


Rainard von Ouhar

Rainhard was the banner bearer for King John and died with him at the battle of Crecy.

Z-17, 2002, 50mm Pewter


John Niblett, 70mm, Armour of King Henry VIII, 1969

This very rare piece is the second example of this miniature that I have ever come across. The Knight is made of "Plastic", but it has the appearance of metal, which is only given away by its light weight. It was made to be sold as a souvenir at the Tower of London.

In Peter Greenhill's book “Miniature Heraldic Knights", he provides a photo and reference for this knight on page 154.

The Knight is in perfect condition as is the label on the underside of the base!




Knights Castle, 52 mm, Mounted Count of Saint Pol, on a wood base. circa 1960's:

This very rare Knights Castle piece is only the second example of this pose that I have ever come across. The Knight is in a very dramatic pose on a charging horse with his cape ruffled buy the breeze. A Very Courtenay like miniature. See Peter Greenhill's book “Miniature Heraldic Knights", he provides a photo and reference for Knights Castle miniatures on page 89.

The Knight is in very good condition, with excellent paint for a hard to find Knight's Castle Original!


Foot Knight - Herald of the Duke of Brittany. (Slide #4)    Very rare piece! Mint condition!


Mounted King Henry V at Agincourt.  (Slide #1)   Beautifully painted!  Excellent rare example!


The English Lord, Bartholomew Berghershe (fought at Crecy), mounted with sword.(Slide #3)

Excellent Condition!


Foot knight - Sir Bartholomew Berghershe, advancing with sword. (Figure on Right) (Slide #5)   Nice Condition!


English man-at-arms, Pike-man (Figure on Left)   (Slide #5)   Nicely painted!


Mounted Sir John Codrington - English banner bearer with banner of Henry V. (Slide #2)

Beautifully painted!  Excellent condition!


MiniKin of Japan: Brass Knight unpainted (a copy of the Courtenay #6 position):

This is the only brass example of this rather infamous copy of the Courtenay knight that I have ever seen. I have several painted versions in my collection (Light blue, red, pink, yellow, green, off white & orange), but this is one of 4 I purchased from a collector in 2008, all in their original boxes and still wrapped in paper!.


Peter Cowan, Wyven Standard miniatures: # 22 Jean de Saintre, 54mm

Mint condition.

From a series of knights designed and researched by Peter Cowan sold under the name Wyvern Standard, in the 70's & 80's! There were 4 series, Series 1 & 2 were knights of the Hundred Year War Period. See website for additional info and photos.


Peter Cowan, Wyvern Standard miniatures: 54mm, #10, Baudouin De Lens, Sieur D' Annequin, with broken lance.

See additional knights in the Wyvern Standard range at the Peter Cowan photo gallery.

Very nice in mint condition, well painted.


Sir Eustace Ambreticourt

Mounted on a Holger Eriksson Style Horse with cruciform base (Courtenay race horse). Attacking with lance.

2005, 50mm Pewter  Rare Miniature!

This miniature in perfect condition with original box.


Sir John Dalton


Sir John fought at the battle of Crecy and captured the French Knight Jacques Penhoadic.

1998,50mm Pewter                                         

Mint condition with Box.


Unknown Maker: 54mm, mounted knight with Unicorn Crest

Unusual but nicely sculpted miniature knight. Heraldry & maker unknown.


Marlborough Miniatures, King Richard, Mounted 54mm

Mint Condition.

Charming mounted king in full plate armor, direct from the Chicago Show. works well with Britain’s knights of Agincourt!


#B1001F Unknown Russian Maker, Recent 54-56mm, standing Knight with Banner Jean de Bourgogne, Sieur de Malain.

Nicely painted Russian casting and painted in Russia.  Very fine condition.  No box.


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Miscellaneous 1

Peter Cowan, Fleur de Lys Miniatures, 54mm, The Count of Flanders.

The miniature is a duplicate in my collection & is brand new in original box complete with certificate of authenticity.

This miniature is also pictured in my new book, "Collecting Miniature Heraldic & Toy Knights" See page 89 - 96 for more information on Peter's Work. Very hard to find in the US.


Blenheim of England, 54mm pewter, 9 piece set, Henry V with his 6 wives & 2 daughters!

Very rare set in mint condition! Henry is in his standard pose, however the wives are each a different casting and are based on the actual original paintings in London. Each wife and the 2 daughters (Elizabeth & Mary) has a name tag identifying them! Much nicer than the Courtenay version which only used 2 castings with different paint for the 6 wives!


Rosedale, Chivalry Miniatures, 54mm pewter, King Arthur the 7 knights of the Roundtable and the King's enemies!

Just added to the collection a mint in the box set of one of the nicest renditions of the Legend of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table! Very Unusual and rare set complete in original Chivalry box , containing 11 figures:

The Round Table — King Arthur — 7 Knights of the Roundtable — Merlin

Mordred — Sheet with Story and list of Charterers — Morgan le Faye