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Jeanne D’Arc

Jeanne D'Arc

Joan of Arc or Jeanne D'Arc is a central figure in the final stages of the Hundred Years War between England & France. Her popularity can be judged by the volume of books ( 550+), articles(Hundred's) & movies that feature her life's story. A favorite personality of mine since I first encountered her story in a Classics Illustrated comic as a youngster. My collection includes over 25 separate interpretations of "The Maid" including miniatures by Courtenay, Ping, Brian Rodden, Jacques Cuypers, Peter Cowan and Bob Hornung, to mention only a few. My latest discovery was a very rare boxed set of the life of Jeanne D' Arc by the french maker CBG Mignot, showing her life in six miniature scenes.

Recommended Reading & Viewing:

* Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain (Author)

This is Twain’s recounting of the life of Joan of Arc, a historical figure with whom the author was deeply fascinated. While Twain’s take on the martyr has been dismissed by some critics as heavily romanticized, he considered it to be his finest work. The last of his novels to be completed,

* Joan of Arc (with panel zoom) - Classics Illustrated Kindle Edition: (yes you can own the Classics comic on your Ipad)

* Joan of Arc: Her Story - October 15, 1999 by Régine Pernoud & Marie-Véronique Clin (Authors), Jeremy duQuesnay Adams (Translator)   The French book translated is as good a Historic view as you will find!


* The Passion of Joan of Arc

1928 The Criterion Collection. The trial of Joan using the actual trial documents from the original court in Rouan.

* The Messenger: The Story Of Joan Of Arc

1999 Action packed with good battle scenes

* Joan of Arc 1948:  Staring Ingrid Bergman and Jose Ferrer, Director - Victor Fleming. Hollywood Epic historically suspect but entertaining!

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Mounted Joan of Arc modified & painted by Graham Mollard of GMN Miniatures one of my favorites!

Joan on foot with banner by Peter Cowan, converted from a Britain's Knight of Agincourt, part of his Fleur-de-Lis range.

Joan Mounted with a standard, Gold Fleur-de-lys on a white field. The Knight is a 60 mm model by King & Country. This was a Special Edition for the King & Country Dealers in France.

Joan of Arc by the Master Richard Courtenay. Note that the banner has upon it's reverse a white field with gold fleur-de-lys, with a small blue escutcheon bearing a white bird! This is the only miniature that I have ever seen with this rendition!

UnSigned Joan of Arc, hollow-cast may be by J.P.Thomas Jr.

Standing Joan of Arc by Front Line Miniatures.

Vertunni two versions of Joan, note the flat flag in one vs. the wavy flag in version 2

Mounted Joan of Arc, Knights of Agincourt conversion & painting by Bob Hornung

A special boxed 36 piece set on the life of Jeanne of Arc. Limited production by CBG Mignot of France.  The set includes:

Jeanne in a field tending sheep on visitation of holy voices!

Jeanne meets the Dolphine at Chinon.

Jeanne leads the French army in lifting the siege of Orleans

Jeanne at the coronation of the Dolphine as King Charles VII at Rheims

Jeanne captured and on trial at Rouen.

Jeanne burnt at the stake for witchcraft/heresy at Rouen.


An action pose model of Jeanne D'Arc purchased at an antique shop in Carcassonne France.

Nice souvenir of our trip to the double walled fortress in southern France. 54mm hollow cast, maker unknown.

Jeanne D'Arc, Tiffany Miniature by Jacques Cuypers. This is the 2nd one that I purchased from Jacques, the first was painted in a light powder blue, and I prefer the darker blue!

A special commission that Brian Rodden completed for me to celebrate the anniversary of her Lifting the siege at Orleans! The pose is based on a statue in Rouen, France. Jeanne's banner is carried by Louis de Coutes, called Minguet, Jenna D'Arc's page' Additional French men-at-arms are now being added to complete the scene!

Miniature Jeanne d'Arc is a conversion from a Britain's Knights of Agincourt hollow-cast. Created in 1997 by Kingman- Cope of England. One of my favorites!

Plastic 90 mm Toy knight created by Papo Toys. Nice detail for a $10.00 Knight!

The latest addition to my collection is Tye Roberts interpretation of Jeanne mounted with her banner. Tye used an original Britain’s Mounted Knight, added a base, dagger and sword. The head is from a Rose miniature and the banner is scratch made! All finished off with beautiful gloss painting by Tye!!!

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Jeanne D'Arc by Gilly & Peter Greenhill, position G-3, early miniature. Note the underside of the base!