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Gustave Vertunni

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Gustave Vertunni, Marie of Anjou - Wife of Charles VII, 54mm ,hollow cast.

Very Good condition & rare.


Gustave Vertunni, French Cardinal Richelieu, 54mm.

Very fine casting with complete hand (usually broken) and crisp painting.


Gustave Vertunni, France, 54 mm, hollow cast, Francois II of Spain

Nice early miniature with minor paint chips.


Gustave Vertunni, Marie Stewart, better known as Mary Queen of Scots! 54mm.

Very nice miniature of the famous Mary Queen of Scots, paint in very fine condition.

Was Queen of Scotland from 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567 and Queen Consort of France from 10 July 1559 to 5 December 1560.

Interesting that she was captured at Borthwick Castle in Scotland and taken to London Perceiving her as a threat, Elizabeth I had her confined in various castles and manor houses in the interior of England. After eighteen and a half years in custody, Mary was found guilty of plotting to assassinate Elizabeth, and was subsequently executed.


Gustave Vertunni, Isabelle of Bavaria - Wife of Charles VI. , 54mm hollow cast

Very Fine condition from France. Original Bullocks label from the 50's.


Gustave Vertunni, Jeanne D'Arc- French Heroine & Saint with her Banner, 54mm ,hollow cast.

Very Good condition & rare first edition. Hard to find , from my personal collection, & purchased in Paris. Central figure in the last stages of the Hundred Years' War.  Jeanne led the French forces to many victories , ending the English supremacy and hastening their ultimate defeat!   Key Events Include:

*Meeting the Dolphin at Chinon    *Ending The siege at Orleans    *Enabling the Coronation of King Charles VII

*Leading the French army to victory in the Loire Valley campaign  *Jeanne captured at Paris, tried and Burned at Rouen


Gustave Vertunni, France, 54 mm, hollow cast, King Louis XVI of France

 "The Restorer of French Liberty"

Very nice miniature of the last French King. Paint in excellent condition.


Gustave Vertunni, Jean Froissart - French Chronicler, 54mm ,hollow cast.

Very Good condition & rare.

Jean Froissart (c. 1337 – c. 1405) was a medieval French author and court historian. For centuries, Froissart's Chronicles have been recognized as the chief expression of the chivalric revival of the 14th century Kingdom of England and France. His history is also an important source for the first half of the Hundred Years' War.


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Gustave Vertunni, Dunois - French Bastard of Orleans, 54mm ,hollow cast.

Excellent condition & rare. One of only five Medieval miniatures created by Ventunni with a flag or Banner, the others being variations of his Jeanne D Arc.

Dunois history as a companion of Jeanne D Arc is an important part of the Hundred Years' War.