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King of Aragon, Ferdinand II

Three mounted Spanish Knights riding together.

Aragonise knight with the Banner of the King of Siclly (Arms of Tolosa quarted with Catalonia)

Juan Ferrandez Heredia, Grand master of the Spanish Hospitallers & Castellan of Amposta

Robert II King of Scotland, 9 inch scale, Silver Knight #7 of 10, 1992

Welsh man-at-arms carrying the Welsh Standard at Agincourt

Sir Falk, Lord Fitzwarren, with Dragon Crest & move-able visor, 12/2012. Looks mean with closed visor!

Man-at-Arms in Talbot livery waving Banner of Lord Talbot. 12/2012

Double miniature with Sir William Talbot capturing Jean de Mailly, the Lord of Hauteville.

Encounter fought during the battles with Joan of Arc in the Loire Valley campaign. 10/2012

Mckie,(Irish) Earl of Larg, 50mm with Mckie pennon, note the beautiful executed Raven Crest!

Edward, ”The Black Prince”  A 9 inch pewter heraldic miniature, # 15 of 21 produced, dated 1989

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