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Sir Thomas Dulton of Dulton with the Banner of Sir James Audley.

This is the Last Tiffany Knight produced by Jacques. It was presented to me at the 2011 Toy Soldier show in Chicago. It would be Jacques last Chicago show as a producer. After the show, Jacques sold the brass molds for their metal content.

King of Arms with Burgundy Banner

Man-at-Arms with Bennett Banner & Motto.  (To serve the King Proudly)

Royal Trumpeter of the King of France

Jean 1st Duke de Brabant

(removable sword & helm)

Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy with king of arms holding Burgundy Banner

(removable helm & sword - 4 photos)

Jean II King of France

(removable helm & sword)

Duke of Mecklenburg

(German prince w removable helm & sword)

Sir Ryes ap Griffith with the Wessex Dragon at Poitiers

(removable helm & sword)

Sir Phillip Earl of Tancerville

(removable helm)

King of Poland, Jousting

(removable helm & movable lance arm)

Sir Jean de Roubaix with Banner of Burgundy (removable sword)

Royal Trumpeter of the Duke of Brittany

Removable Great Helms with Crests

Archibald Douglas with Banner of Scotland

Duke de Bourbon with his Banner

Le Hire, companion of Joan of Arc with French Banner

Robert the Bruce King of Scotland with Banner Bearer

Archibald Earl of Douglas with Royal Banner of Scotland & with King Robert the Bruce

Joan of Arc, kneeling in prayer

#14MK Sieur Robert De Saqueville with the banner of Burgundy

#6 MK Special, Sir Thomas Holand Mounted.

(horse is on a swivel base which allows the horse to change positions)

#7 P Man-At-Arms - Wounded with arrow & with Banner of Brabant

Click photo to enlarge

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