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Courtenay Z

The "Z" series generally were the latest castings made by Courtenay probably in the late 50's incorporating 22 figures numbered from Z1 thru Z20. The are generally considered the rarest and command the greatest interest for collectors and the highest prices at auction. The following miniatures are a mixture of Courtenay & Courtenay/ Greenhill that make up my collection. Where I don't have a particular "Z" position I have identified it accordingly.

Z-1 Courtenay Matthew de Rouvray

  Z-2 Courtenay  Jean de Landas

Z-2 Courtenay/Greenhill Sir Guinanton de Chambly

Z-2A Courtenay Bertrand

de la Tour

Z-4 Courtenay Louis Sieur de Brosse

( sometimes identified as a # 13)

Z-4 Courtenay/Greenhill Robert de Duras,

Prince of Morea

Z-5 Courtenay Thierry d' Guffey le Hardi

Z-3 Courtenay/Greenhill Sir William Tussell

(John Gilliatt Collection)

Z-5 Courtenay/Greenhill Sir John Dalton

Z-5 Courtenay/Greenhill Sir Walter Woodland

 w/banner of the Black Prince

Z-5 Courtenay/Greenhill Sir Richard Fitzsimon

w/Wyvern Standard

Z-5 Courtenay/Greenhill Thomas Hatfield,

Bishop of Durham

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Z-6 Courtenay/Greenhill Jean II

 King of France

Z-6 Courtenay/Greenhill Andre de Laval,

Sieur de Châtillon

Z-8 Courtenay/Greenhill Thomas Sieur de Montmorin

Z-9 Courtenay/Greenhill Gautier de Brienne, Duke of Athens

Z-9 Courtenay/Greenhill David II, King of Scots

Z-10 Courtenay, Sir Edward Despencer  

(John Gilliatt Collection)

Z-11 Courtenay/Greenhill, John de Sutton le Fitz

Z 12 Courtenay/Greenhill, Giovanni Acuto

Z 12 Courtenay/Greenhill, Roger Mortimer

Z 13 Courtenay/Greenhill, Thomas Touchet

 (John Gilliatt Collection)

Z 14 Courtenay/Greenhill, William Walsingham

Z 14 Courtenay/Greenhill, Rainard Von Ouhar

Z 15  Courtenay/Greenhill  Richard de Havering

Z 16 Courtenay John Pateshull ( Unusual head)

Z 16 Courtenay/Greenhill Jean d' Aubigny

Z 17 Courtenay/Greenhill Louis de Sancette

Z 17 Courtenay/Greenhill Jean sieur de Chateauvilain

Z 18 Courtenay The Black Prince (John Gilliatt Collection

Z 19 Courtenay  Sir John de Saintre (John Gilliatt Collection)

Z 20 Courtenay/Greenhill  Piers, Sieur de Crqmmud

Z 20 Courtenay/Greenhill  Sir Robert Gordon w/ banner of Earl of Lennox Special 30th Anniv/ #1