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Panoply # 2 Lord de Fiennes (French)


Panoply # 3 Lord de Partenay (French)


Panoply # 6 Sir John Willoughby (English)


Panoply # 7 Sir John Ferris (English)


Panoply # 8, Sir John Pelhem (English)


Panoply # 10, Sir Richard Pontchardon (England)


Panoply # 12, Sir Sanchet D' Amridgcourt (England)


Panoply #14, Sir Chambly (France)


Panoply #15, Earl of Vaudemont (France)


Panoply # 16, Lord Bartholomew Burghersh (England)


Panoply # 17, Lord DeSpenser (England)


Panoply # 18, Lord Tour-Auvergne (France)


Panoply # 19, Squire de Miraumont (France)


Panoply # 26, Augier de Montaut (Gascony)


Allen & Keith Over, Panoply Knights, #29 , 54mm

Excellent condition.

Knight in action pose with great paint, is one of the last two numbered knights in the series.


Allen & Keith Over, Panoply Knights, #30, Gaillard de Durfort, Sieur de Duras 54mm

Excellent condition & rare.

Knight in resting pose excellent paint, last number in series


Panoply Miniatures, # 30 Sieur De Duras

A hard to find # 30 & final miniature Foot Knight produced in England as part of the Panoply range! In mint condition.


Panoply # 9, Lord Ralph Basset of Drayton (English)


Panoply Miniatures, # 27 Bernard Arnaud de Preissac, a Knight from Gascony.54mm

A hard to find miniature produced in England, in mint condition.


Panoply Miniatures, # 29 Sir Henry Eam KG, a Knight from Flanders.54mm

A hard to find miniature produced in England, in mint condition.#29 of 30 foot knights in the Panoply range!


Panoply Miniatures, # M-1 Sir Geoffrey De Charny mounted with the Oriflame

A rare hard to find miniature produced in England, in mint condition. Complete in excellent condition! One of only 3 mounted positions produced as part of the Panoply Range


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 Panoply Knights by Arkova,  54 mm, #30 , Sir de Duras

Miniature from the Panoply range, in mint condition.   Hard to find produced by Keith Over in the 80's


Panoply Knights by Arkova, 54mm, # T/M-1, Mounted  Sir Simon Basset

Very Rare mounted knight from the Panoply range by Keith Over from the 80's.  One of only 3 mounted knights in the Panoply Catalog.  In very good condition, only missing  a reign from The horse.   Lord Basset fought at the battle of Crecy


Keith Over, War of the Roses, 54 mm pewter, Sir John Gray with the Banner of the Earl of Oxford, House of Lancaster

A set of knights by Keith & Allan Over, makers of the Panoply range by Arkova. Beautifully executed painted in mat colors and impossible to find in the states. Purchased in England they are some of the best miniatures to be produced in the heraldry & armor of the war of the Roses! Henry Tudor's army was assembled in one large mass under the banner of Oxford.  See Peter Greenhills book Heraldic Miniature Knights page for more information on the work of Keith & Allan Over!