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Seth Greenhill, # 17,Brown horse, Sir Winston Churchill's colors.


Seth Greenhill, # 12 White horse, Lord Astor's colors.


Seth Greenhill, #5, Brown horse, Lord Glanely's colors.


Special Greenhill miniatures painted by the eldest son of Peter & Gilly.  Seth Greenhill set of 4 Racehorses & Jockeys in famous racing colors.

Part of a series of horses & riders produced by Richard Courtenay.(see Peter Greenhill's Heraldic Miniature Knights page 78-80). These were painted by Seth Greenhill in 96 & 97.

All in 50mm pewter, with original boxes!    SAVE $200.00 !!!!


Seth Greenhill, # 9 Brown horse, HM Queen Elizabeth colors (Queen Mother).


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Seth Greenhill