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Peter Greenhill, May 2001, Amanieu d' Armagnac Capitaine de St. Just.

Exceptional portrait painted face, great action with quartered heraldry, with original box.


Perfect condition!


Peter Greenhill, position 8a modified, Feb 2001; Jean le Clerc de Luzarche

Special miniature in a great pose with unusual heraldry.

Mint in original Greenhill box


Peter Greenhill, position # 13A, August 1999, Barres, Gui Lord of Chaumont

This miniature is from Peters Anniversary collection and it's a "little jewel".

It comes in an unusual wood hart shaped box bearing the Greenhill label. A separate tag identifies the piece, since it has no traditional base.


Peter & Gilly Greenhill, Courtenay/Greenhill Position # 12

Johann, Graf von Nassau, wounded with crossbow bolt.  Dated 13-Aug-2002.  

With original box & packaging.          


Peter Greenhill  Philippe, Sieur d' Argentan

Heraldic Miniature,position H-5, 17 January, 1990

Custom piece from a private collection, excellent animation, mint condition in original box.


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay/Greenhill, Special limited edition double, position G 4

John de Brues defends Baron Poyning's, position 8 special , 2003.

A rare double with great action and heraldry! The double is in mint condition and comes in it's original Greenhill box.


Peter Greenhill, position H9, April 2005: Gaston ' Phbus', Comte de Foix

A beautifully executed mounted knight with quartered heraldry.

Very striking colors and great action.


Miniature is in mint condition with an original box.


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay/Greenhill , June 1998, Rafe Burrell with the banner of Sir Walter Woodland

Very nice heraldry and well executed banner of Sir Walter Woodland himself the banner bearer of King Henry V at Agincourt!

Mint condition with original Greenhill box and papers.  


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay/Greenhill, November 1998, Piers, Duc de Bourbon

A very nice piece. Note the sword under the body of the Duc who was killed at the battle of Poitiers in 1356!

Mint condition with original Hart shaped wooden box, that was used for dead and wounded knights!


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay/Greenhill, position Z 2A, 2005, 52mm, Ludwig von Coucibras:

Pewter miniature in a wounded prone attitude.  Movable visor.  Mint condition in original Greenhill heart shaped wood box.


Greenhill, position # G 6, 50mm pewter, Sir John Folville, Early production.

One of two G 6 miniatures in my collection,(see photo with Juan Fernandez Heredia, Castellan of Amposta) both early painting. Note that neither has the detailed information & Peter & Gilly signature under the base. In mint condition with original Greenhill box. See page 101 in Peter's HMK book for more information!


Peter Greenhill; Courtenay/Greenhill, 50mm pewter, Position Lady in kirtle & mantel, Katharine, Duchess of Lancaster

Beautiful miniature is one of 2 women Courtenay produced specific to the middle ages. The subject , was a member of the Royal family married to the Duke of Lancaster. Great painting & excellent condition. (see Peter Greenhill's HMK book for information & photos Page 50-52 for more information)

Mint in original Greenhill Box.


Courtenay/ Greenhill, Position Z-15, Sir John Havering, 50mm pewter, dated August 1997.

Very nice Z-15 of the English Knight that fought at Poitiers in France. Excellent condition in original GreenHill box.

Great painted Heraldry by Peter!


Peter Greenhill, # G-1 Sir Robert Willoughby with Willoughby Banner.

Fought for the English at the battle of Crecy.

Early unsigned Greenhill pewter miniature with movable visor, bottom of base stamped Greenhill England.

Excellent condition with original box. Provence: Henry Kurtz Auction




Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, position A 8 (Anniversary Edition), 2003, 52mm, Alain de Rohan, Sieur de Montquban.

Nicely animated knight, with removable shield and interesting heraldry.  Mint condition in original Greenhill box!


Peter Greenhill Courtenay/Greenhill, 50mm Pewter, Position H 11, Dated September 2004, Sir Richard de Havering Mounted.

Outstanding painting on a rarely seen H 11 Courtenay casting.

Mint condition in original box.



Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, position H4, 50mm, March 1998, Mounted Robert Holand, Earl of Kent:

Beautiful Miniature riding into combat. My personal favorite heraldry. Note that the shield has a scroll-work pattern instead of the Holand arms. According to Peter Greenhill this design is taken from the lord's black shield seal, used to bind documents.


Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, position Z13, 50mm, Oct 1999, Sir John de Bray:

Great portrait on miniature, fighting with sword, crisp painted quartered heraldry.

Mint condition with original box.


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Greenhill 1

Peter Greenhill, Courtenay Greenhill, position # 8 R (Special Edition), August 2007, 50mm, Savry, Sieur de Thot

Nicely animated knight,in  a special pose based on a modified #8B casting and very unusual heraldry.  Mint condition in original Greenhill box! See Peter Greenhills Sales brochure for details on the 8 R miniature.